Rules & Regulations

The Vidyalaya uniform is compulsory on all Vidyalaya working days, National festivals and Vidyalaya functions. A pair of uniform set must be kept apart to be worn on special occasions. Students are not allowed to wear colour dress or distribute sweets or any article on their birthdays. In case if they want to give sweets arrangements will be made in the School, but have to inform to the School well in advance. Students should come to the Vidyalaya clean and tidy. Hair should be well trimmed and combed. Nails must be kept clean and filed regularly. Black ribbons must be used to tie the hair. Colour ribbons and colour hair bands should not be used. Students are not permitted to wear long dangling earrings or any gold jewellery.


L.K.G. to VIII Std.
Regular Uniform : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

Sports Uniform : Wednesday (Black Pant & House colour T-Shirt)


LKG To IIIrd Std.
Regular Uniform

LKG To IIIrd Std.
Girls : Frock
Boys : Shorts and Shirt

IVth and Vth Std.
Girls : Pinafore
Boys : Shorts and Shirt

VIth and VIIIth Std.
Girls : Salwar
Boys : Pant and Shirt

Fees Structure

LKG and UKG : Rs. 15,000/-
Ist Std to VIIth Std : Rs. 17,000/-
VIIIth Std : Rs. 25,000/-

Books Used




  Respect self, faculty and peer students.
  Respect School property and uniform.
  Monitor oneself even in the absence of teachers.
  Preferable homemade items are to be brought to the school as morning snacks. (LKG to IIIrd Standard).
  Maintain silence in the campus while walking or proceeding to the programmes.
  Be courteous both in speech and action towards Ambika Vidyalaya family and to the society.
  For any kind of unacceptable behaviour initially verbal warning will be given. If no improvement is shown and offence is repeated parents will be informed and steps will be taken.

No Bag Policy

Every Saturday is observed as No Bag Day and students are given chances to present their talents as per the prescribed time table and are engaged on work on hands.

School Circular : (Academic Year 2020 - 21, Sent to Parents)

* 15/05/2020 : Please send the following information immediately to my WhatsApp to be send to BEO office today itself.

* 18/05/2020 : Instructions: D/P, Welcome to the activity session... We have sent links of 4stories.With your assistance let the child read the story. Link can be down loaded and can be read offline. After reading, child has to answer a set of questions given. Please take a photo of the answer written and send it to the following WhatsApp number on or before Wednesday 20th May.

* 01/06/2020 : Congratulations students... You are promoted to the next academic year. You have successfully completed your activities which have been given to you. Now we are going to give Subject wise activities.

* 06/06/2020 : Tomorrow a half an hour Radio programme performed by the students of Ambika Vidyalaya ( CBSE School ), will be broadcasted between 10a.m. to 10.30 a.m. from Mangalore Radio Station. So please do tune to 100.3 FM. Listen and support our young talents.

* 05/07/2020 : Very shortly we are going to start the online classes of the academic year 2020-21 as per the guidelines of the Government for all the classes. We will inform you the details regarding the process of online classes. All the steps will be taken to make it a convenient process.

* 06/07/2020 : SC/ST/OBC/MINORITY COMMUNITY, have to submit the Xerox copy of caste certificate by 08/07/2020.

* 30/07/2020 : We are happy to share a link of Olympiad Exams conducted by Silver Zone. Please register.

* 04/08/2020 : On a/c of Shreekrishna Janmashtami students are requested to participate in the online competitions.

* 06/08/2020 : As per the Government order we are supposed to conduct the Unit Test FA and SA. So you are requested to submit the Note Books of all the subjects on 10/08/2020 and collect it on 14/08/2020.

* 09/08/2020 : On a/c of Independence Day students are requested to participate in the online competitions.